We have proudly serviced the Norwalk and Westport, Connecticut communities since 1978, offering braces and aligner treatment for patients of all ages.

Our board certified orthodontists serve patients from two conveniently located offices and offer evening, early morning and even Saturday appointments to ensure orthodontic treatment can fit into even the busiest lifestyle. We offer clear and aesthetically pleasing treatment options, such as our in-house designed aligners.

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What sets us apart

Our standard of care and commitment to our patients is often unmatched. Our goal is to ensure each patient has the perfect smile, and we have the technology and expertise to make that happen.

As board-certified orthodontists, we are committed to the highest levels of orthodontic care and offer cutting edge treatment options that result in beautiful, healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

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Why Choose Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is about so much more than just a straighter smile. Orthodontic treatment can improve the function of a bite, improve facial aesthetics, increase self-esteem, and set you up for a lifetime of good oral health. That’s because orthodontics doesn’t just create a more beautiful smile, it sets the stage for a healthier one, as well.

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“Our entire family are Westwalk patients–my wife and two kids and me–and we couldn’t be happier with every aspect of the care.”

Josh Elliott

We have had three kids go through as patients and the docs and staff are always so accommodating. Great job, we’re all smiles!

Kathleen Nealon

Awesome staff! Friendly and accommodating, and the doctors are top notch!

Jane Sanchez

Always flexible and friendly! Very pleased with the way my 2 children were treated and the work done!

Tracy Gillis Walker

I called Westwalk & the staff was very accommodating. They worked me into their schedule in just a couple days.

Tamika Montgomery

Both my kids had a great experience with this practice. We went through a palatal expander, braced, retainers, etc. Highly recommended!

Jacqueline Miller

“I called Westwalk & the staff was very accommodating. They worked me into their schedule in just a couple days.”

Tamika M.

Pleasant friendly staff. Flexible appointment schedule. Doctors are family friendly, always keeping parents updated.

Laurie Wegiel Pare

Romeo, and the entire staff are terrific! They are patient with the kids and don’t “sell” anything you don’t need.

Kevin Altieri

“Dr. Cagliostro is very knowledgeable and makes every patient his priority. He thinks out of the box for each patient and their treatment.”

DM 9.

Loved my experience with Westwalk! Very warm and professional staff. Will definitely be recommending to others!

Tommy Kelly